A Fresh Experiene

Venture around custom built server platforms and maps and conquer the csgo competitive scene by at least warming up in a professionally tuned server with friendly players and staff.
Conquer the map!

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Performance Matters!

Never get stuck or lag out, due to a badly made server, our servers are equipped with high grade hardware and networking to ensure the best ever performance during your gameplay.

Custom Weapons Skins

All our CS:GO Servers are equipped with !ws, !knife nad !gloves chat commands to allow full customization to a caracter within the server. Also Avalable are the agents skins since the last major CS:GO update.

How do I join a Server?

Simply, you need to find our server in CS:GO's server browser. Alternative gust type following lines in your console.

For our Dust 2 Only server: connect "dd2.bulplay.net:27015

For our 1V1 Arena Server: connect "arena.bulplay.net:27016"

Why choose Us?

Let us tell you all the benefits.

  • Fluid Gaming Experince

    Performance blah blah blah...

  • Perfect administrators

    We have teamed up with high ranked players, who will prove their experince, guarding the fun and piece inside our servers.

  • Cool Community

    All our Staff is available for requests for help, questions and etc., Join our Discord and talk with the comunity and staff.

  • Helpful Forum community

    Sign up and see for yourself.

What are you waiting for?

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